Ms. Jini Aroon, you established a soup kitchen that serves meals every Wednesday, conducted personal visits, coordinated resources and organized an annual Christmas dinner for those in need and continue to work with the South Delta Food Bank to gather donations and essential supplies for people in need.

Statement made at the Delta Police Commendation Award Jini received in 2010.

Mayor Lois E. Jackson

I have known Jini through her nutritional cooking classes for over 6 years. I have been on a journey for better health for myself and my family.

Jini has a wealth of experience with nutrition and health, and has been of great help to me and my family. She has also contributed much to the community, starting a community kitchen in Ladner.


My sister Sandra and I had such a wonderful time at your Indian Cooking class.

We felt you made the class very intimate and took away some of the ‘fear’ about using Indian spices. Your introduction to all the spices used was very clear and easy to follow. The food we made together was so delicious!

I was inspired to make an Indian dinner at home this weekend. I cannot think of any improvements, other than take you up on the shopping tour you promised.


Jini prepares pure Indian food that is just as it should be – a few simple ingredients brought into perfect balance to create exotic aromas and fabulous food.

From slow-simmered curry lamb to vegetable dishes, everything was full of flavour and spiced perfectly to suit everyone’s palette – this was one of those times you wish you would have packed an extra stomach to hold everything!

Thank you for sharing the authentic flavours of your home-style Indian cuisine with the Delta Hospital Foundation!! Once again, many thanks for a memorable evening – we’ll be sure to spread the word!

Micah and Steph

From the on-time arrival, through the awesome preparation and set-up to the incredible meal crated and served, Jini’s service exceeded all of my expectations. We found it totally refreshing to deal with a professional that can take care of every item…and does!

Jini’s attention to detail and dedication to providing the finest possible service to her clients set a new standard for both us and our guests.


Food quality: very fresh tasting, nourishing; perfect spice combinations for wonderful flavour – surprising how the flavours mix in such a pleasing and unique way; makes me want more! I never liked kale and quinoa, but now I do and can’t stop eating it! I had no idea how to avoid gluten without flavour; and now I do!

This type of food appeals to so many types of diet – (diabetic/glucose intolerant)


I came to class with my mom and learned some healthy & delicious recipes even I can make at home– thank you Jini, you are a very patient and awesome teacher.

Iman, 12 yrs. old

The food we made in the class was fresh-tasting and light. I knew I am eating food that is good for my body.Quick & easy recipes, Great shortcut recipe ideas made in a blender or magic bullet. Loved the Indian-style “cauliflower” dish – light and flavourful!

There is flexibility in your recipes to adapt to different sensitivities and allergies- gluten-free and dairy free.


Jini, you are very flexible in adapting your class recipes for different diets: diabetic, gluten-free, vegan etc. Super-creative ideas. Learned a lot of the important health information. Very valuable information which I will incorporate into my daily routine. I liked when you said “just get started, don’t worry about getting everything perfect”! Thanks for your encouragement and flexibility


The food was mouth-watering, delicious and flavourful. Easy to prepare and nutritious with a medley of fresh vegetables, nuts and whole grains adaptable to a variety of dietary conditions. Eating this way will re-charge your batteries!