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‘Healthy-licious Eating!’ Cooking Classes

Cooking Party With Jini Aroon

Welcome to my world of food and cooking where I like to make things simple, tasty and easy!

Whether you are a seasoned cook just looking for new ideas to add to your repertoire, or a newbie in the kitchen wondering what to cook for dinner, you are sure to find something interesting in my classes below, cook books or Recipe Blog.

My classes are interactive and fun. Whether you choose a private one-on-one or group class, you will learn a wealth of background information, food ideas and good nutrition. And that means how food can make us more vibrant and healthy!

I offer two types of classes:

Healthy-licious Cooking

These hands-on-cooking sessions teach you how to make healthy and delicious smoothies, salads, soups, main meals and snacks using fruits, vegetables and natural wholesome ingredients.

I show you quick and easy techniques that are both fast and practical!

Thousands of people in my classes have already benefited from these techniques and are now able to fit healthy eating into their lifestyle.

Eating Healthy is your first step to vibrant health!

Healthy saladDo you want to improve your health, but don’t know how?

Do you have food allergies and you don’t know what to eat?

Are you confused about diets or are too busy to prepare food at home and resorting to fast food?

If so, search no more! Join me for a 3-hour cooking class that will change your whole approach to making healthy food! You will learn all the short-cuts, tips and techniques to preparing foods.

When you give your body what it needs, it simply knows to repair itself! So come learn the best way to nourish your body with mostly-organic or locally-sourced ingredients that can accelerate your healing and even help you shed a few pounds and reverse aging!

You will learn to make delicious and nutritious smoothies, quick blended raw soups, salads, meals and sweet treats. They will all be brimming with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that will super-charge your health and be super-delicious as well!

All materials will be provided and you will get to enjoy ample food samples in the class.

Moving to a Less-Meat diet

Quinoa Tabouli salad with pita and tzatzikiMy classes are ideal for those who want to transition to a plant based diet using meat alternatives such as beans, lentils, sprouts, tofu, tempeh, paneer etc. I do take into consideration that everyone’s tastes are different and customize recipes to suite their needs and palettes.

Good nutrition and sensible eating go hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle! However, putting new ideas into practice is a challenge for many people, especially when they lack the time and patience after a busy workday!

Can you possibly eat without meat? Have you heard of the ‘New Four Food Groups”?

It is definitely not hamburger, French fries, ketchup and pickles!

Current medical research is steadily pointing us to a less-meat diet to reduce cholesterol, prevent heart disease and to maintain a healthy weight, besides many health benefits.

Eating less meat will immensely benefit our planet and conserve our natural resources as well as reduce pollution. Above all we can be kind and compassionate!

Switching from a meat-centered diet to a vegetarian diet is a daunting task! This course will introduce you to many delicious and satisfying meat alternatives, with no worries about protein, iron or vitamin deficiencies.

On the contrary you will be pleasantly surprised by the enormous variety of new dishes made with legumes, grains, vegetables and fruit. There will be some dairy and egg used.

With over 20 years’ experience in teaching cooking and nutrition consulting, I am confident I can help you with menu planning, instructions, and demonstration so that you can whip up a tasty and healthy meal with the confidence of a Pro!

Note: Please consult a medical professional if you have any special health concerns.

Indian Cooking Class Delta BC

Ethnic Cooking

I love the rich robust flavours and aromatic spices from many traditional cuisines such as Indian, Thai, Mediterranean and Mexican cultures.

I take classes wherever I travel and bring home ideas and recipes to share with family and friends and of course, in my classes!

Private Class Offerings

All sessions are 3 hours

Indian Cooking~ North Indian

Bring the popular cuisine of India to your home by recreating some classical favourites like veggie samosas, butter chicken, Aloo-Gobi(Cauliflower), and dhals(lentil or bean) dishes.

You will learn about the different spices (masalas) used in Indian cooking and how to make them at home.

Indian Cooking ~ South Indian vegetarian

In contrast to the rich and spicy, popular Northern Indian restaurant-style cuisine, you will learn about popular dishes from Southern India like Dosa(lentil crepes), Sambar(vegetable & lentil stew), samosas, vegetable dishes and coconut chutneys.

It is a simpler style of cooking with less use of heavy aromatic spices, butter and heavy cream, but flavourful and satisfying.

Thai Cooking

The irresistible aromatic flavours of lemon grass, lime leaves and Thai basil and coconut milk combine beautifully with meats, sea food, fresh vegetables, sea food and tofu, to make delicious meals that are easy and quick to make at home.

You will learn to make red or green chicken curry chicken, coconut rice, Tom Yum Soup, Spicy eggplant, and fresh salad rolls with peanut sauce.

Personalized Classes: $200 per person

Personalized Couple’s Classes: $300 per couple / 2 people

Group Classes: $450 / 6 people
(As an organizer, book a class and bring 6 participants and you come for free!)

All private classes are located in Delta BC and group classes can be arranged at a mutually agreeable location.

Contact us today for more information or to book a private class!

For a list of available group classes offered via Delta School Board, please refer to the course calendar.

Who can benefit from Jini’s cooking classes?
People of all ages and backgrounds who share a desire to improve their eating and make healthier choices while tasting great flavours and enjoying a variety in styles of cooking.

I offer classes for singles, couples, groups and Corporate Cooking Classes in Delta and other Vancouver lower mainland areas.

Here’s what her students say:

“Jini, you are very flexible in adapting your class recipes for different diets: diabetic, gluten-free, vegan etc. Super-creative ideas. Learned a lot of the important health information. Very valuable information which I will incorporate into my daily routine. I liked when you said “just get started, don’t worry about getting everything perfect”! Thanks for your encouragement and flexibility”

“The food we made in the class was fresh-tasting and light. I knew I am eating food that is good for my body.Quick & easy recipes, Great shortcut recipe ideas made in a blender or magic bullet. Loved the Indian-style “cauliflower” dish – light and flavourful! There is flexibility in your recipes to adapt to different sensitivities and allergies- gluten-free and dairy free.”

“I came to class with my mom and learned some healthy & delicious recipes even I can make at home– thank you Jini, you are a very patient and awesome teacher.”
– Iman(12 yrs)

“The food was mouth-watering, delicious and flavourful. Easy to prepare and nutritious with a medley of fresh vegetables, nuts and whole grains adaptable to a variety of dietary conditions. Eating this way will re-charge your batteries!”
– Adrienne

“You picked up on everyone’s health conditions and addressed personal concerns very well. Thanks”
– Laurie

“Food quality: very fresh tasting, nourishing; perfect spice combinations for wonderful flavour – surprising how the flavours mix in such a pleasing and unique way; makes me want more! I never liked kale and quinoa, but now I do and can’t stop eating it! I had no idea how to avoid gluten without flavour; and now I do!

This type of food appeals to so many types of diet – (diabetic/glucose intolerant)”
– Sue